The first step for any veteran who wants to apply for service-connected disability is to file online through ebenefits or call/go to their regional office. The Veterans Administration requires that you receive a decision from the VA and notice of disagreement be filed before an VA Accredited Attorney assists you with your claim.

If you need help attaining your veteran disability benefits and have already received a decision from the VA , give us a call today, (919) 615-3095

Veterans Disability vs Social Security Disability

Veterans Disability vs Social Security Disability Clients are frequently confused about the difference between Veterans Disability Compensation and Social Security Disability benefits. Both programs provide monthly income payments but have few other things in common. Who is eligible? To be eligible for Veterans Disability you must be a veteran with a current disability that was [...]

Veterans Disability Compensation vs. Pension

Should I apply for Veterans Disability Compensation or the Pension? Veterans Disability Compensation and Pensions are both based on disability but that is where their similarity ends. Pensions are need-based programs similar to Supplemental Security Income in Social Security Disability. Which benefit do you qualify for? To receive a pension the veteran must have low [...]