Disability Lawyer Raleigh NC

If you are looking for a Social  Security Disability Lawyer near Raleigh, NC, the Bishop Law Firm can help you. We only practice Social Security Disability Law and do not get paid unless you win your case.

The Social Security Disability process can be difficult if you try to do it alone. There are several levels that you may have too go through before you can receive benefits.

Many people looking for a disability lawyer do not know what to expect. I can tell you what to expect from the Bishop Law Firm:

  1. You will meet your attorney, not just talk with them over the phone. This meeting will occur as soon as possible after becoming a client.
  2. We will return your phone call within 48 hours (if not sooner).
  3. If you can not afford medical treatment, we will recommend places for you to try for low-cost/free treatment and tell you where to apply for Medicaid.
  4. If you can not afford your medication, we will recommend places for you to try to get your medication at low-cost/free.
  5. We will call your examiner at DDS and find out how your case is progressing.
  6. We will tell you if SSA needs something from you.
  7. We will appeal denials from Social Security.
  8. We will order your medical records when appropriate.
  9. We will send you forms to take to your doctor to get their opinion about your condition, when necessary.
  10. We will prepare you for your hearing and be by your side the day of the hearing.

We do not know what other Social Security disability lawyers offer, but the above is what you should expect. Don’t settle for less.