There are several types of anxiety disorders (OCD, PTSD and GAD to name a few). Anxiety can prevent you from leaving home, getting out of bed or even considering doing things you have done with ease in the past.

Anxiety can be generalized and/or manifest itself through anxiety attacks. Anxiety attack symptoms can be varied, but the ones I hear most frequently are sweating, heart racing and unexplainable fear. Medications and psychotherapy are the usual treatments prescribed for anxiety disorders.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: repetitive thoughts and behavior including, but not limited to, constant checking, fear of deviation from routine; and excessive doubt with need for constant reassurance. Found here. I have seen cases where individuals are unable to leave home due to the need to check and recheck the locks in their home. The ability to leave home is the first requirement in being able to work.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: is triggered by a terrifying event. Flashbacks, nightmares, avoidance of thoughts about the event are all common symptoms. Found here. Military personnel who have seen combat can experience PTSD, but anyone who has experienced trauma (rape, assault, etc.) can also experience symptoms of PTSD.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: excessive worrying about everyday life with no obvious reason for the worrying. Found here. Unfortunately in life, there are many things to worry about. Clients that suffer from GAD have a difficult time controlling their worry.

The Social Security Administration evaluates anxiety disorders under Listing 12.06, Anxiety Related Disorders. The symptoms discussed in 12.06 are severe and you will probably have difficulties working long before you meet this listing.

If you are experiencing anxiety that stops you from working, or even functioning from day to day, you should first contact a mental health professional. Mental health treatment is widely available in NC. Medications and therapy are usually recommended for people suffering from an anxiety disorder.  Talking to a therapist or psychiatrist about the way you feel can help.

If you are following your doctor’s advice for your anxiety disorder but do not improve, you need to file a claim for Social Security Disability as soon as possible and call the Bishop Law Firm today. We want to help!

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