Can I get DIB and SSI?

Disability Insurance
By Kimberly BishopMay 17, 2013

DIB (Disability Insurance Benefits) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) are two types of benefits that you may be eligible for if you are found disabled by the Social Security Administration. A discussion of the disability process is found here.

DIB is based on the credits from the work that you have done in your life. It is usually a higher amount than you would receive from SSI. In order for you to receive DIB, you must be found disabled before your DLI (date last insured). If you have recently stopped working, then your DLI is probably in the future. If you have not worked in a while your DLI may have already passed. If your DLI has passed, it will have to be shown that you were disabled before that date in order for you to get DIB. If your DIB amount is low enough, you may be able to receive DIB and SSI (but you will not receive more than $914 per month). For more information on DIB, look here.

If you have not worked enough to be insured for DIB (or are a child) you may be eligible for SSI. SSI is $914 per month in 2023, but may be reduced if someone is helping you financially. SSI also has income and asset requirements. For more information on SSI, look here.

It is possible to receive both DIB and SSI, but only if you meet the requirements for both programs and are found disabled by the Social Security Administration.


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