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Can you choose your own doctor for Workmans Comp in NC?

This post discusses if you can choose your own doctor in a NC Workers' Compensation case. We represent injured workers in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas and do not get paid unless you win. Call us today for a free case review, (919) 615-3095. In North Carolina, the Workers' Compensation Act provides medical compensation and [...]

Types of NC Workers’ Compensation Benefits

This post discusses the types of NC Workers' Compensation Disability that an injured worker may be compensated for. Many people believe that if they are injured on the job, then they are automatically entitled to receive workers’ compensation disability benefits. In reality, an injured worker must prove that he/she is disabled to receive any type [...]

NC Workers Compensation Weekly Benefits

Most people have heard of workers’ compensation insurance, but very few have any idea as to when an injured employee can receive NC Workers Compensation weekly benefits. There are so many myths and misconceptions about North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits, especially concerning weekly cash benefits. We must first look at accepted versus denied WC claims. Accepted [...]

NC Employer’s Right to 2nd Medical Opinion

This article discusses a NC Employer's Right to 2nd Medical Opinion. If you are the injured worker and want to know if your employer can get a 2nd medical opinion that may or may not be in your favor, read on. You may also want to read about the NC injured worker's right to a [...]

Can you get a second opinion with Workers’ Comp in NC?

This post discusses an injured worker’s right to a second medical opinion. If you are receiving medical treatment for a workplace injury continue reading to find out how to receive all the medical treatment you are entitled to under NC Workers' Compensation. NC Workers' Comp Benefits In North Carolina, the North Carolina Industrial Commission (N.C.I.C.) [...]

NC Medical Only Workers Compensation Claims

What are NC Medical Only Workers Compensation Claims and who decides if my claim is medical only?  If your employer or employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier has told you that your worker’s compensation claim has been accepted but it is a “medical only” claim, continue reading. NC Medical Only Workers Compensation Claims Many NC workers’ compensation [...]

NC Workers’ Comp Claim Denied – Why would an employer deny a legitimate claim?

One of the many issues faced by workers who are injured on the job in North Carolina and in many other states involves unreasonable denial of workers' compensation claims. The Bishop Law Firm represents injured workers in North Carolina and we do not get paid unless we win your case. Call us today for a [...]

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Raleigh, NC

Do you need a Workers' Comp Lawyer in Raleigh, NC? If so, read on for an overview of the North Carolina Workers' Comp process and how The Bishop Law Firm can help! We enjoy protecting the rights of injured workers in North Carolina and understand how difficult the NC Worker's Compensation system can be for [...]