Diabetics can be either insulin dependent or non-insulin dependent. Either type can cause symptoms such as dry mouth, fatigue, blurry vision and neuropathy. In some cases, even amputation and cardiac problems may result from your diabetes. Diabetics must be careful about their diet and monitoring their blood sugars. Type I Diabetes usually develops in younger individuals, while Type II comes later in life.

When I first started practicing Social Security Disability Law, there was a separate listing for diabetes itself. This listing was removed by the SSA in 2011 despite protests. The Social Security Administration now evaluates adult diabetes under the part of the body that is affected by your diabetes. For example, if you have to have an amputation due to your diabetes, it will be evaluated under Listing 1.05, Amputation.

Do not worry about meeting a listing! If you meet a listing, working has been off the list for quite some time. If you are unable to work because of your health apply for benefits as soon as possible. Delay may cause you to lose benefits.