If you have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, and are unable to work because of your health you need to be aware of how the Social Security Administration will evaluate claim for disability.

HIV is a frightening diagnosis. But unlike in the past, treatment can prevent you from developing AIDS. With the right medical treatment and monitoring, many people are able to control the virus. But these medications do cause side effects. In some cases, the side effects from the medication alone can be disabling.

The Social Security Administration evaluates HIV/AIDS under 14.08, HIV Infection. The listing mainly focuses on various infections that can arise from having HIV. Side effects from medications and general symptoms from HIV are generally not focused on.

If you think you may have been exposed to the HIV virus, you must go get tested. Your local health department can administer the test. If you have been diagnosed with HIV, the first step is to see a doctor that specializes in HIV care. The doctor will start you on antiviral medication that can help control your HIV and prevent it from turning into AIDS.

If you are taking your medications but are still unable to work due to symptoms from your HIV, AIDS or from side effects from your medication, you should file a claim for Social Security Disability as soon as possible.