Medpay and NC Auto Accidents

Medpay and NC Auto Accidents
By Kimberly BishopOctober 25, 2017,

Do you have questions about MedPay and NC Auto Accidents? Read on to determine what MedPay is and how it can help cover accident related expenses.

What is Medpay?

Did you know that if you have sustained injuries from an automobile accident that you may recover payment for your accident-related treatment from your own auto insurance company? This type of coverage is called medical payments coverage or paid medical coverage. It is available to you and any passengers riding in your vehicle that have suffered injuries resulting from an auto accident involving your vehicle. Medpay coverage may be recovered for any accident-related medical treatment you and your passengers received regardless of whether you caused the accident or not. That’s correct - recovery from Medpay is not fault-based, so you may make a Medpay claim even if you received a ticket for causing the automobile accident!

How do I get Medpay coverage?

Medpay coverage is not difficult to obtain and it is not very expensive. Simply contact your automobile insurance agent and request for Medpay coverage to be added to your auto policy if you do not already have it. You may request different amounts for your Medpay coverage such as $1,000.00, $2,000.00, or $5,000.00. You can even have $10,000.00 worth of Medpay coverage on your vehicle. The amount is up to you to decide. Get a quote from your auto insurance agent so you can decide what’s right for your budget.

Do I still need Medpay if the NC auto accident was not my fault?

If you are involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may ask yourself, “why would I need Medpay coverage if another party’s insurance is responsible for paying for my accident-related medical treatment?" The at-fault party’s insurance is responsible for paying for reimbursement of your accident-related medical expenses under their liability insurance coverage. However, a claim for reimbursement under your own auto insurance policy is completely different. It is insurance coverage that may come in handy when you need extra money to help pay for your accident-related treatment which causes you less stress.

If you are confused about Medpay and NC Auto Accidents a NC Auto Accident Lawyer can advise you on how to deal with the often-complex issues surrounding a Medpay claim. You do not have to handle these difficult insurance matters on your own after being involved in a car accident. We represent Personal Injury clients in Raleigh, Durham, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Smithfield, Louisburg, Chapel Hill, Roanoke Rapids and surrounding areas in North Carolina. Give us a call today at (919) 615-3095 to help you resolve your auto accident insurance claims.

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