Obesity and Social Security Disability

Obesity and Social Security Disability
By Kimberly BishopApril 12, 2013

Obesity alone will not qualify you for Social Security Disability. Obesity is defined by the National Institutes of Health (the NIH) as a BMI of 30 and above (A BMI of 30 is about 30 pounds overweight.). From 2017-2020, obesity prevalence was 41.9% in the U.S. (Found here).

In order for obesity, or any other medical condition to render you disabled according to the Social Security Administration it must be found a to be severe impairment. Severe impairments significantly limit your physical or mental ability to do basic work  activities. If your obesity is found to be a severe impairment then a determination will be made as to if your severe impairment prevents you from performing work activities. In addition to being obese, you may be suffering from other obesity-related conditions that may prevent you from working as well.

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Obesity may affect your ability to walk, stand, reach, sit, bend, crawl and stoop. These are common activites required in performing a job. If you are unable to perform these activites because of your obesity, applying for Social Security Disabiltiy is the next step.

The Social Security Adminstration does not include obesity in the listings. There was a listing for obesity, but the Social Security Administration deleted this listing in 1999. Obesity plagues 1/3 (or more now) of the U.S. population and increases your chances of having other serious illnesses. It seems odd that the Social Security Administration would delete a listing that affects the health of so many.

If your obesity has stopped you from working, you should apply for Social Security Disability Benefits as soon as possible. Waiting to file can hurt your claim. Just know that the Bishop Law Firm in Raleigh, NC can help you through the Social Security Disability Process!


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