Reviews of Raleigh SSA ALJs

Reviews of Raleigh SSA ALJs
By Kimberly BishopMarch 27, 2013

Are you looking for reviews of Raleigh SSA ALJs (Social Security Administration Administrative Law Judges)? If your hearing has been scheduled, wouldn't it be great to know about the judge before the hearing? Read on for more information.

This article discusses two sources of reviews of SSA ALJs. The Social Security Administration releases disposition data on Administrative Law Judges (ALJs). This does not include reviews, but contains statistical data on ALJs by hearing office. Look here for the disposition data.

The best way to determine an ALJ reversal rate (approval rate) is to look at the total decisions (5th column) and total denials (7th column) . The total disposition (3rd column) should not be used to calculate approval ratings because dismissals for various reasons are included in this number. A sample calculation would be an ALJ with 228 total decisions of which 83 were denials. This translates to a 36% denial rate which would mean that this ALJ approves at a rate of 64%.

BUT, be careful with this information. The ALJ disposition data is not always a good way to view the judge. The numbers may be skewed by various factors that are beyond the ALJ’s control.

Another place to look for reviews of Raleigh SSA ALJs is While I have included this in my article, I do not recommend this site. I have several reasons for not recommending it. One of the reasons is that anyone can post here, even people who have never met the SSA ALJ. Even the ALJs themselves can post here. The point is:  take this and anything else you read about a particular ALJ with a grain of salt.

The above are two places you can look at to find reviews of SSA ALJs. Be careful with this information because it may lead you astray.  Having an attorney who is familiar with the SSA ALJ’s preferences and practices can help your case more than any review you read. If you need a Social Security Disability Attorney in Raleigh, Cary, Durham or surrounding areas in NC, give the Bishop Law Firm a call today. We want to help!


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