I use Social Security Disability acronyms so frequently that I forget that most people do not know what they mean. Here is a short list:



ALJAdministration Law Judge
AODAlleged Onset Date
CEConsultative Examination
DDSDisability Determination Services
DIBDisability Insurance Benefits
DLIDate Last Insured
DLWDate Last Worked
DOLocal Social Security District Office
DOEDate of Entitlement
DWBDisabled Widow/er Benefits
EODEstablished Onset Date
EXRExpedited Reinstatement
FFFully Favorable ALJ Decision
FMAXFamily Maximum
IRWEImpairment Related Work Expenses
ODAROffice of Disability Adjudication and Review
PFPartially Favorable ALJ Decision
PIAPrimary Insurance Amount
PWHPrior Work History
RECONReconsideration Level
SSASocial Security Administration
SSDISocial Security Disability Insurance
SSISupplemental Security Income
TWPTrial Work Period
UNFAVUnfavorable ALJ Decision
UWAUnsuccessful Work Attempt
VRVocational Rehabilitation