Social Security Disability Forms, type or print?

VA SSA Disability
By Kimberly BishopMay 1, 2013

Should you type or print when filling out Social Security Disability Forms? It really depends on the readability of your handwriting. These forms will be scanned into your disability file and will be read electronically by Disability  Determination Services (DDS) and by the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) if you have to go to hearing.

The forms are available online and you can fill them in. SSA Forms are available here.  The Work History Report, Form SSA 3369 and Disability Appeal Report, Form SSA 3441 are a few examples. You can also file an disability appeal online here.

After reviewing many files, I can honestly say that I would rather see typed documents over hand written any day, even when it comes to the most elegant of handwriting. This may be due to seeing years of doctor's scribble that they call notes. But not everyone has access to a computer. If you must fill out the forms by hand, make sure that the words are readable. If your hand writing is not the best, get someone to help you fill out the forms.


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