SSA Doctor

By Kimberly BishopMarch 27, 2013

At the initial or reconsideration level of the Social Security Disability process you may be sent to a SSA doctor. This is called a consultative examination. These doctors do not work for the Social Security Administration directly but will be paid by them to examine you.

I have never been to a consultative examination with a client but have heard several horror stories. I have also heard from other clients that the doctors were nice people who seemed to want to help. Your experience at the consultative examination with the SSA doctor can fall into either of these categories.

The most important thing to remember about a consultative examination is that the doctor is paid by the Social Security Administration. Your time with this doctor will be short. You may or may not receive a thorough examination. But remember that what this doctor says about you will become part of your Social Security file. A diagnosis of malingering is your worst nightmare for your Social Security disability case.

Arrive at the appointment on time, have low expectations, do not exaggerate your symptoms and be honest. If you have some recent medical records from your treating doctor bring them to the examination. I have read countless consultative examinations where the doctor would have liked more information. Your consultative examination with a SSA doctor will be scheduled by DDS if they deem it necessary, but regular medical treatment from your doctor is the best evidence for your case.



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