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By Kimberly BishopApril 13, 2013

Many people have questions about the difference between SSDI and SSI when it comes to filing for Social Security Disability. SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance (aka: DIB). SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income.

SSDI is based on the credits from the work that you have done in your life. You must be found disabled before your DLI (date last insured) in order to receive SSDI benefits. Benefits for your dependents may also be available if you are eligible for SSDI.

If the amount of money you would receive for SSDI is low enough, you may also be eligible for SSI benefits as well. There is a five month waiting period for DIB benefits. SSDI recipients are entitled to Medicare after a two year waiting period. More info on SSDI here and also here.

SSI is a program for individuals who do not have enough credits from the work they have done in their life to qualify for DIB. SSI has income/asset thresholds that you must be below in order to even apply. If your income and assets are below the levels allowed by SSA, you still have to found disabled by the Social Security Administration before your receive SSI benefits.

SSI claims do not survive the claimant and there are no benefits available for your dependents. SSI will also be reduced if you are receiving financial support from others. There is no waiting period for SSI. In NC, SSI recipients are also eligible for Medicaid. More info on SSI here.

While SSDI and SSI are different programs with different requirements, you must be found disabled by the Social Security Adminstration before you are able to receive either benefit. The disability process can be tough and long. You must take the first step and apply for benefits as soon as possible!

The Bishop Law Firm will be by your side throughout the process and can help you determine if you are eligible for SSDI or SSI, or both.



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