Clients ask why does it takes so long to get a Social Security Disability hearing in Raleigh NC. (To see a video discussion of this topic look here.) The answer is complicated. Let’s begin with the Social Security Administration’s budget crunch.

Because of funding issues the SSA has limited hiring; closed SSA offices and reduced the hours that the field offices are open to the public. Found here.

Without funding the Social Security Administration can not hire more employees or even pay the current employees for the overtime necessary to handle their workload.  So we have fewer people expected to do more work.

This spells delay.

The wait for hearing in NC is around 18-24 months (as of June 2018). If funding issues continue this wait time could increase. There are a few exceptions to the 18-24 month wait. A request for an expedited hearing can be submitted to the Social Security Administration based on severe health or financial reasons.

The answer to why does it take so long to get a Social Security Disability hearing in Raleigh, NC is not as important as using this time to get medical treatment that will help your case in front of the Administrative Law Judge.