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The Bishop Law Firm is made up of disability lawyers and personal injury attorneys passionate about helping you get what you deserve. We represent Social Security Disability, NC Worker’s Compensation, and Auto Accident/Personal Injury clients in Cary, NC. Some helpful facts about Cary:

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Legal Services We Offer to Cary Residents:

  • Social Security Disability Claim Representation – Applying for and attaining Social Security Disability benefits can be a tough and long process. Most claimants are denied twice and have to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. If you live in Cary, your hearing will be held at the Raleigh, NC SSA Hearing Office. Attorney Bishop is a NC State Bar Board Certified Social Security Disability Specialist and has represented clients in front of the Raleigh Hearing Office Administrative Law Judges since 2009.
  • NC Worker’s Compensation Claims Representation – If you are injured at work in Cary, NC you need medical treatment and reimbursement for your accident related expenses. Unfortunately, your employer’s WC insurance carrier may deny that you were injured at work or refuse to pay for medical treatment that you desperately need. Some WC insurance carrier’s would rather hire an expensive lawyer to deny your claim than pay you what you legitimately deserve under North Carolina law. We help clients recover medical compensation, lost wages, mileage reimbursement and another other recovery you are legally entitled to.
  • NC Auto Accident/Personal Injury Claims Representation – Suffering is terrible, but suffering because of someone else’s negligence is doubly so. We understand how frustrating it can be when someone else causes you pain, time and money. To add insult to injury, the adjuster may deny paying for medical treatment or refuse to even admit that their insured caused your injury. Attorney Keener is all too familiar with how the injured can be treated by some adjusters, insurance defense attorneys and medical personnel.
  • Veterans Service Connected Disability Claims Representation – Veterans defend our way of life and keep us safe. But, are we doing the same for them? Attaining VA Disability Compensation can take years and several appeals. Attorney Bishop is a Accredited Representative by the Veterans Administration and helps clients attain compensation for service-connected disabilities. Most of our clients receive medical treatment at the Durham, NC VA Medical Center.

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