DDS Doctor

DDS Doctor
By Kimberly BishopMarch 27, 2013

When your case is sent to DDS (Disability Determination Services) from the local Social Security Office a doctor at DDS will review your case while it is at DDS. The examiner will initially review your file and then it will go to the DDS doctor for their review. DDS doctors do not meet or examine you. They review your file on paper only. The DDS doctor will either agree with the examiner or decide that more information is needed to make a decision on your disability claim.

If more information is needed, you may be scheduled for a consultative examination. The consultative examiner does not work directly for the Social Security Administration but will be paid by them to examine you. Please remember that DDS denies most claims. So do not be discouraged if you receive a denial even after being sent to a consultative examination. At the Bishop Law Firm, we have helped many clients who have been denied because of DDS doctor opinions.



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