This post and video discuss the keys to winning your Social Security Disability case. If you want to have the best chance possible of winning your case read on!

#1: Go to the Doctor

The most important thing you can do is get medical treatment from your treating doctors. If someone is sick, they go to the doctor (common sense). The problem comes when you can not afford to go to the doctor and do not have health insurance. I advise clients to file for Medicaid, try to obtain free/low cost treatment in their community and try to contact the patient assistance programs at the pharmaceutical company who makes their medicine. For a video discussion look here.

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#2: Complete the forms that SSA sends you as soon as possible

SSA will send you and your family countless forms to fill out. You may have already completed the form in the past so you may feel that they are asking you for duplicate information. My advice is to fill out any forms that they send you as soon as possible.

#3: Honesty is so important for your case

Be honest with your doctors, the Social Security Administration and your attorney. This builds your credibility as a claimant for Social Security disability. If you do drugs, drink, don’t exercise, etc., be honest about it. If you are honest it is more difficult for SSA to find you not credible.

#4 Communicate with your attorney and the Social Security Administration

Tell your Social Security Disability Attorney and the Social Security Administration if you have moved, went to a new doctor  or have a new illness. We don’t know unless you tell us.

If you are sick and can not work, just know that the Bishop Law Firm is experienced with the NC Disability Process. We would be delighted to discuss your case with you. The keys to winning your Social Security Disability case are medical treatment, being responsive to the SSA’s requests, honesty and communication!