This post discusses leg pain and disability benefits. There are many possible causes of leg pain, e.g. arthritis, vascular disease, diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia, just to name a few.

The first step for anyone that is unable to work due to leg pain is to go to the doctor and begin prescribed medical treatment. If you are unable to afford to go to the doctor, check out our video Disabled without insurance in North Carolina.

After you file for benefits, the Social Security Administration will evaluate your case based on the cause of your leg pain. If your leg pain is from arthritis, SSA can use Listing 1.02, Major Dysfunction of a joint (due to any cause) to evaluate your arthritis. This listing requires the involvement of one major peripheral weight-bearing joint (hip, knee or ankle) and the inability to ambulate effectively.

Another cause of leg pain can be vascular disease. The Social Security Administration evaluates Peripheral Vascular Disease under Listing 4.11 or 4.12. For more read our post on Peripheral Vascular Disease and Disability benefits.

Many diabetics suffer from neuropathy which can cause leg and foot pain. The burning, numbness and tingling can severely affect your ability to walk. The Social Security Administration can evaluate your claim for disability benefits for neuropathy under 11.14 Peripheral Neuropathies. Read our post Disability Benefits for Neuropathy for more information.

Fibromyalgia can affect many parts of body, including the legs. While SSA does not have a specific listing for fibromyalgia, the Social Security Administration has recognized that Fibromyalgia can be a severe impairment. Read Fibromyalgia and Social Security Disability.

If you are unable to work despite following your doctor’s advice because of your leg pain, filing a claim for Social Security Disability benefits may be your next move. Apply for disability benefits as soon as possible and call The Bishop Firm for your free case evaluation. We want to help!


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