This post discusses Social Security Disability Benefits for Neuropathy. If neuropathy is preventing you from working, it will help to know how your claim for disability will be evaluated.

Neuropathy refers to diseases or malfunctions of the nerves. Peripheral neuropathy occurs when damage to nerves interrupts communication between the brain and other parts of the body. This can impair muscle movement, prevent normal sensation in the arms and legs, and cause pain (Via WebMD). Peripheral neuropathy can be divided into categories: mononeuropathy and polyneuropathy.

Mononeuropathy is damage to a single nerve or nerve group and is usually caused by injury. An example of a mononeuropathy is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). CTS affects the median nerve and is usually caused by repetitive motion of the hand and wrist. Other forms of mononeuropathy are axillary nerve dysfunction; peroneal nerve dysfunction; cranial mononeuropathy; femoral nerve dysfunction; ulnar nerve dysfunction and sciatic nerve dysfunction (sciatica). Found here.

Polyneuropathy is the simultaneous malfunction of many peripheral nerves throughout the body. Polyneuropathy can be acute or chronic. Acute cases can be caused by infections, toxins and certain drugs. Chronic polyneuropathy can be caused by diabetes, alcoholism, liver/kidney failure or cancer. For more information read here.

The Social Security Administration can evaluate your claim for disability benefits for neuropathy under 11.14 Peripheral Neuropathies. This listing actually refers the user to 11.04B, which requires: Significant and persistent disorganization of motor function in two extremities, resulting in sustained disturbance of gross and dexterous movements, or gait and station (see 11.00C). 

In simple terms, this listing requires that your neuropathy affects your ability to perform body movements. This listing is difficult to meet (as are most listings). You may still be able to move, but it hurts terribly to do so. If you are unable to work because of your neuropathy, file a claim for disability benefits as soon as possible and call us. We want to help!