Do you need a Raleigh, NC Workers’ Compensation Lawyer? Read on for an overview of the NC Workers Comp process and how The Bishop Law Firm can help!

After being hurt on the job, giving your employer notice  about your on the job injury and filing a claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC), two things can happen: 1) Your workers’ compensation claim is either accepted by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier/and or employer; or 2) your claim is denied.

Accepted NC Workers Compensation Claims

If your WC claim is accepted, the insurance company has agreed that you do have a compensable claim, but what is covered and who do you turn to if the insurance company won’t pay for something? A Raleigh NC Workers’ Compensation lawyer can assist you in dealing with the insurance company regarding your claim.

Issues can and often do arise regarding appropriate medical treatment. There may be times when you will need assistance with reimbursement for prescriptions and mileage. There are so many complicated issues that can happen with accepted claims. The Bishop Law Firm   can help you navigate through the difficult issues and assist you in getting everything you are entitled to receive under the law.

Denied NC Workers Compensation Claims

If your WC claim is denied, the insurance company is denying that you even have a valid workers’ compensation claim. A Raleigh NC Workers’ Compensation lawyer can assist you with getting your claim heard before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Sometimes filing for a hearing is the only recourse a person has before they can get any compensation on a denied claim. We can help ensure that all necessary documents are in your file and prepare you for your hearing.

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