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Types of Raleigh, NC Personal Injury Claims We Handle*

  1. Car Accident Injury – If you have been injured in a car accident through no fault of your own, you need to be reimbursed for your losses. Unfortunately, car accidents today can be caused by distracted drivers who are texting and driving. Being hit head-on, rear-ended or T-boned can leave you with serious injuries that require expensive medical treatment. In NC, the at-fault party is responsible for your medical expenses, missed time from work and pain & suffering. But what if the at-fault party’s insurance company does not want to pay?
  2. Truck Accident Injury – Cars never win against big trucks when an accident happens. Being hit by a 18-wheeler can leave you or your loved one with catastrophic injuries that can easily deplete any money you have saved and have your family in debt for years to come.  You should not have to pay twice for someone else’s negligence.
  3. Motorcycle Accident Injury – Motorcyclists have no protection against cars or the road. Car vs. motorcycle accidents can result in severe injuries including traumatic brain injuries. The real effects of an TBI may not be felt or noticed immediately. What if you need more medical treatment after your case has settled?
  4. Pedestrian vs. Auto Accident Injury – Being hit by a car can destroy your body and have long term implications for the rest of your life.
  5. Wrongful Death Cases – A lost life can never be replaced. Losing a spouse, child or sibling because of someone else’s negligence is devastating. You need time to focus on saying good-bye, not dealing with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Having a Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer can help you avoid extra stress through an already stressful time.
  6. Work Injury Cases – If you have been hurt on the job, even after being a faithful, long-serving employee, your employer can deny your NC Worker’s Compensation claim or refuse to pay for medical treatment that you need.
  7. Hospital Negligence Cases – Receiving negligent hospital treatment is unacceptable and can have far-reaching consequences for your body.
  8. Dog Bite/Attack Injury Cases 
  9. Premise Liability Cases

*If your case type is not listed, give us a call to see if we can help at (919) 615-3095.

Next Steps

  1. Give us a call at (919) 615-3095 for your free case evaluation!
    1. We need to know some things from you to get started:
      1. Date of the accident and if you have a copy of the accident report
      2. How and where the accident happened
      3. Hospital visits and any subsequent medical treatment
      4. Name of at-fault party and their insurance company
      5. Your employer’s name, job title, etc.
      6. If you have health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid
  2. You need to take photos of your injuries, vehicle, passenger’s injuries and the accident scene (if possible).
  3. Continue to receive medical treatment for your injuries if necessary and follow medical advice!
  4. If you are missing work, write down the days you are missing and how much your pay was on those days

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Having a Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer can help ensure that you receive the most compensation for you or your loved one’s case. The Bishop Law Firm is a contingency fee law firm which means that we do not get paid unless we win your case! We are paid a percentage of your recovery so it is in our best interest to get you the highest recovery possible. We look forward to working with you!

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