This post discusses Sarcoidosis and SSDI/SSI benefits. If you have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis read on for how Social Security will evaluate your claim for disability.

Sarcoidosis is the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells in different parts of your body. Via The Mayo Clinic. These inflammatory cells form lumps called granulomas. When an organ has many granulomas, it can affect the way the organ works. The most common organ affected is the lungs (pulmonary sarcoidosis) but any body organ can be affected (e.g. skin, lymph nodes, heart, brain, liver, eyes). Via NIH.

The actual cause of Sarcoidosis is unknown but it may be caused by the body’s immune system responding to a foreign substance in the body. There is no cure for Sarcoidosis but many people with the disease only have mild symptoms. But in some cases, Sarcoidosis can lead to organ damage.

Sarcoidosis is usually diagnosed by physical exam, lab testing, x-rays or pulmonary function testing. The symptoms experienced vary depending on which organ(s) of the body is affected. For the lungs: shortness of breath, chest pain and a dry cough are symptoms. For other parts of your body: a scaly rash, red bumps on your legs, fever, sore eyes, and swollen ankles are all possible symptoms. In addition, fatigue, weakness and weight loss may occur. Via the American Lung Association.

The Social Security Administration will evaluate your Sarcoidosis based on what body organ has been affected. Lungs would be evaluated under 3.00 Respiratory Adult (For a discussion of the pulmonary listings look here). Eyes would be evaluated under 2.00 Special Senses and Speech (For a discussion of the vision listings look here). Heart Issues and Skin Disorders are also potential listings that may apply to someone with Sarcoidosis.

Even if you do not meet the above mentioned listings (most people do not) you still may be found disabled based on your Sarcoidosis if it prevents you from performing basic work activities. If you have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and are unable to work, file your claim for SSDI/SSI benefits as soon as possible. The Bishop Law Firm represents clients in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and surrounding areas in NC. Call us today for a free case evaluation!