If you are looking for an SSDI Lawyer in Raleigh, the Bishop Law Firm can help. We are experienced with the Social Security Disability Process and do not get paid unless you win your case!

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (DIB) are available to you if you have worked enough to be insured and are found disabled by SSA. The disability process can by very difficult. The SSA will apply the 5 Step Sequential Evaluation to determine if you are disabled. Five steps sound easy, but in reality these steps can be very difficult to navigate.There are three main stages to a Social Security Disability case: initial, reconsideration and the hearing level.

Step One: Call the Bishop Law Firm at 919-615-3095 and we will send you some information to get you started

Step Two: Gather pertinent information that Social Security has mailed to you about your case so we will know where you are in the process. If you have received a denial, let us know the date so we can be sure to appeal before your deadline!

Step Three: Go to your doctor! SSA may send you to one of their doctors for a consultative examination but you must have treatment from your own doctor. If you are unable to afford to go to a doctor, apply for Medicaid as soon as possible and try to find a low cost clinic in your area.

Step Four: Meet your Social Security Disability Lawyer, me! I try to meet clients at least twice during the process. My legal assistant will set up some time for us to meet.

If you have received a denial or are thinking about applying for SSDI in Raleigh, having a lawyer that is familiar with the process can help you navigate the system. The Bishop Law Firm wants to help you get the benefits that you deserve. We look forward to meeting you!