Ten Ways to Maximize Recovery in NC Personal Injury Cases

NC Personal Injury Lawyer
By Kimberly BishopApril 20, 2022

You have been injured by the negligence of another, lost time from work and the medical bills continue to roll in. Your situation starts to feel a bit overwhelming and, you're at a loss about what to do next. This post discusses ten ways to maximize recovery in your NC Personal Injury Case.

North Carolina Law allows a injured victim to receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain & suffering and punitive damages (in certain cases). You can settle with the insurance company directly if they are offering a reasonable settlement or you may have to file a NC Personal Injury Lawsuit to recover.

The below tips are helpful with the insurance company and in North Carolina Courts:

1. Take photos of the accident scene, your car, your injuries as soon as possible after the accident and continuously (and date them as well) as you heal. Make sure to document any assistive devices you have to use in these photos (canes, braces, i.e.). If your accident was complicated or if contributory negligence may be an issue, contact witnesses as soon as possible after the accident to get statements from them.

2. Seek medical treatment immediately after the accident and follow all medical advice. Do not stop going to the doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc. just because you are feeling better and, you have not been released from care by the medical provider.

3. If you are having difficulty paying for medical treatment, but still require treatment for your accident related injuries, try free or reduced cost clinics, Charity Care (UNC or Duke) urgent care or the ER if necessary. Some medical providers will treat you on a lien basis if you have accident related injuries. The medical bills will have to be repaid out of your personal injury settlement. Remember, gaps in medical treatment are not your friend when trying to maximize your recovery.

4. Report your pain and symptoms accurately to your medical team. Let them know the problems that you are having in your daily life because of the injury. Also let them know if you are missing work and ask them to give you work excuses when you are unable to go to work. This will help when trying to recover compensation for your lost wages later on.

5. Track all of your expenses: mileage, child care costs, prescription drug costs, medical expense for a assistive device, etc.

6. Keep a copy of your repair estimate from your car accident. Many times the accident damage is not readily apparent until the outer shell of the vehicle has been removed. Photos of accident damage speak volumes.

7. Keep a log of the activities of daily living or work duties that you are unable to complete with examples because of your injury.

8. Communication with the bodily injury adjuster should be just enough to inform them about your accident but not enough to give them ammunition against you. This can be tricky. If you do not speak with them at all, they will probably deny your claim.

9. Do not accept the adjuster's first offer on your personal injury claim. This offer is probably not even enough to pay for your medical expenses and is usually a test to see if you are desperate for money. If you let them know that you are desperate for money, you have lost most of your bargaining power. Also, do not rely on the adjuster to give you a fair shake. That is not their job. Their job is save money for the insurance company just like it is an NC Personal Injury Attorney's job to try to get the most money for you.

10. If you have done all of the above and the adjuster still refuses to increase their offer (or even make a offer), you need to considering hiring a NC Personal Injury Lawyer. Lawyers introduce the possibility of litigation to the insurance company which can increase the amount of money that they are willing to pay in an injury claim.

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