The Client’s Role in NC Personal Injury Cases

You’ve been injured in a NC motor vehicle accident and your vehicle needs damage repair. You’ve lost time from work and the medical bills continue to come in.  Your situation starts to feel a bit overwhelming and, you’re at a loss about what to do next. Then, you see the smiling face of an attorney on your television screen informing you that his or her law firm will fight for your rights as an injured party. You call the telephone number on the screen, set up an appointment, hire the attorney to represent you, and presto! Now your attorney can handle everything and your worries are over…Not necessarily! That seems to be a major misconception on the part of many clients. The client’s role throughout every phase of the NC personal injury process is the most crucial role you can have.

Remember, It’s Always Your Case.

A NC Personal injury case always belongs to the client from the moment the client and attorney agree to legal representation until the final disposition of the case. It is imperative that the client be compliant in his or her own case. That means continue seeking medical treatment for your accident-related injuries when instructed by a medical provider. Do not stop going to the doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc. just because you are feeling better and, you have not been released from care by the medical provider. If you are having difficulty paying for medical treatment, but still require treatment for your accident related injuries, then relay this vital information to your medical provider as well as to your attorney. Sometimes arrangements can be made. Remember to file accident-related bills with your health insurance carrier. The medical provider will put key information such as an inability to pay for medical services in their office notes which will be included with your medical records. The medical records are forwarded to the at-fault driver’s insurance company when it’s time to present a settlement demand. This key information will help explain gaps in treatment. Your attorney is working diligently to present your best case to the liability insurance company. You should do your part to do the same for your case.

Staying in touch with your NC Personal Injury Attorney.

Compliance with medical treatment and keeping your scheduled appointments goes a long way towards strengthening your personal injury case. It is also important to keep your attorney informed of your accident-related medical treatment. Keeping your attorney well informed of your treatment, change in medical condition, lost time from work will help prevent delays in gathering information for a final settlement demand. In addition, you should always notify your attorney with updated information about a change in circumstances that requires you to relocate or obtain another telephone number. You do not want any delays in receiving information about your personal injury case, if your attorney is unable to locate or contact you.

Your attorney makes the legal decisions about what to do in your case. However, your case is not going to have much value when you do not put forth the required effort. A team has more than one player and works together to achieve one goal. We want to be part of your winning team at The Bishop Law Firm regarding your personal injury claim.  We represent Personal Injury clients in Raleigh, Durham, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Smithfield, Louisburg, Chapel Hill, Roanoke Rapids and surrounding areas in North Carolina. Give us a call today, 919-615-3095.