If you or someone you care for has experienced blunt force trauma to the head from a car accident that was not your fault, read on for possible injuries/symptoms and tips for your personal injury case. If you have been injured in a car accident please seek immediate medical treatment.

Certain types of accidents come with a higher chance of blunt force trauma. Motorcyclists, car vs. tractor-trailer truck and pedestrian vs. car all increase the risk of a victim sustaining a head injury. According to NIH, the majority of serious traumatic injuries are due to blunt trauma from motor vehicle crashes and pedestrian injuries.

Blunt force trauma to the head happens when the cranium is hit by a hard object. The type of object, speed of impact and force all dictate how severe the trauma will be. This hit can result in a contusion or concussion or both. Read our post Types of Brain Injuries for a discussion of injuries that you may have when there is blunt force trauma to the head.

Headaches, dizziness, slurred speech, blurry vision, memory difficulties, personality changes and nausea are all possible symptoms (Via WebMD). Symptoms may be mild to severe and may not develop immediately. Unfortunately, even mild head trauma can cause severe symptoms under the wrong conditions. Obtaining medical treatment immediately after your car accident and continuing to receive ongoing treatment for your injury is imperative.

Recovering from blunt force trauma to the head can be a long, emotionally draining and expensive journey for you and your family. Neurologists, physical therapists and speech therapists are just a few of the medical professionals that you may need to see. In addition, blunt force trauma can result in disability which may need lifetime care.

Gathering your medical evidence, establishing the costs of your present and future medical care, calculating pain and suffering, and negotiating with the at-fault driver’s insurance company are all integral parts of your personal injury case that a NC Personal Injury Lawyer can help you with.

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