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Do you need a Car Accident Lawyer in Chapel Hill, NC? If so, we can help with your case! The Bishop Law Firm represents accident victims in personal injury cases and we do not get paid unless we win. Call us today for a free case review, (919) 615-3095 or start your free case review now.

In NC, if you have been injured in a car accident through no fault of your own you can recover the cost of your medical bills lost wages and be compensated for your pain and sufferingPunitive damages are rarely awarded. In order for you to recover from NC Personal Injury Litigation, you must file your case in court before the statute of limitations runs out.

Do I have a NC Personal Injury Claim from my car accident injury?

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The first question that needs to be answered regarding your Chapel Hill NC car accident was whether the accident was your fault? If you received a citation (ticket) for the accident from the police or other law enforcement that means that the accident was determined to be your fault. In North Carolina, if you receive a ticket you are not allowed to file suit against the other party due to contributory negligence. Assuming that the other party was at fault, we will proceed.

Where you injured in the car accident? If you were not injured, you do not have a personal injury claim. If you were injured, have you received medical treatment for your injuries? Going to the hospital immediately after the accident is the right thing to do BUT continuing to receive medical care for your injuries is the smart thing to do. Ongoing medical treatment documents what kind of health issues you may continue to have from the accident.

Depending on the type of injury you have sustained, you may need extensive surgery, physical therapy, or a few visits to a chiropractor for whiplash. Our Firm has written several posts on personal injury after a car crash. Even, if your car accident injury is not listed below, we still can help!

*If you were injured in a car accident while working you may also have a NC Workers’ compensation case. Workers’ compensation would not apply if you are on your way to work or your way home.*

Have you taken photos of your injuries, your passenger’s injuries, your car and the accident scene? If not, now is the time to do so. Luckily, bruises can heal quickly and you need to act fast to get photographs that show your injuries. Photos are so helpful for your case.

Have you missed work? If you are missing work, you need to document the days that you are missing and what the pay for those days would have been. Some days you miss may be paid as overtime days so that needs to be accounted for.

Do you need a Chapel Hill Car Accident Lawyer?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always willing to pay for the mistakes of their insured. The insurance adjuster may try to delay your claim until the statute of limitations runs out or try to settle your case too soon to avoid paying for all the medical treatment that you need. Certain types of car accident injuries (motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, accidents involving a drunk driver and catastrophic accidents) involve a higher likelihood of serious injury.

For complicated cases, past, present and future medical expenses, current and future wage loss as well as long term pain & suffering, need to be calculated into your demand to the insurance company. Settling your case without factoring in all these expenses will leave you or your loved one with medical expenses and no way to pay for them.

If you are having a difficult time with the insurance company or if you want legal advice on obtaining all compensation you are entitled to under North Carolina law, you should call a NC personal injury lawyer. Our firm does not get paid unless you win! Call us today at (919) 615-3095 for a free case review!

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