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Being hurt on the job can be as simple as a bump on the toe from a desk or as devastating as a traumatic brain injury. Certain industries have a higher incidence of injuries and unfortunately, deaths. Even if you are not involved in a typically dangerous job you can still sustain a serious work injury.

Some Chapel Hill, NC Facts

  • The largest industries in Chapel Hill are Educational Services and Healthcare & Social Assistance.
  • The highest paid industries in Chapel Hill are Finance & Insurance, Professional, Scientific, and Tech Services.
  • UNC, UNC-Healthcare and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools are among the largest employers in Chapel Hill.
  • Healthcare & Social Assistance is in the top five most dangerous industries in the United States. In fact, statistics show that hospitals are one of the most hazardous places to work.
  • No matter where you work in Chapel Hill, being hurt at work can cost you pain, time, and money.

After being hurt, you should immediately inform your employer verbally. Most employers will instruct an employee to report for medical treatment at a local urgent care facility. Thankfully, some injuries can be resolved with immediate care. However, for more serious injuries, a bandage will not suffice. What happens if the urgent care facility cannot treat your injury or what if they tell you that you are fine but you continue to have terrible pain? Can you go to your own doctor? At this point, you need to orally inform your employer of your continued pain as well as inform your employer in writing and file a Form 18 with the North Carolina Industrial Commission about your injury. If you are unsure of how to fill out the Form 18 consider contacting a Chapel Hill NC Worker’s Compensation Lawyer for help.

Your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance company can accept or deny your claim. If your claim is accepted, you will need to get permission from your employer to receive medical treatment for your injuries. While the insurer is willing to pay for treatment they are only willing to pay for treatment that they deem necessary. What if you need treatment that they are not willing to pay for? If the worker’s compensation insurance company denies your claim they are denying that you have a compensable claim. Either way, contacting a Chapel Hill, NC Worker’s Compensation Lawyer to discuss your options should be your next move.

Chapel Hill, NC Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

A Chapel Hill, NC Workers Compensation Lawyer can help you obtain medical treatment and compensation that you need to get back on your feet after an injury. The Bishop Law Firm represents clients in Chapel Hill and surrounding areas and we do not get paid unless we win your case. Call us today, (919) 615-3095.