If you are looking for a disability lawyer to help with your Social Security case in Durham, the Bishop Law Firm can help. We are located in Raleigh (10 minutes from the Social Security office and OHO (where the disability hearings are held)). We do not get paid unless you win your case and receive back pay.

The process of getting on Social Security Disability can be very tough. If you have applied and been denied for disability, you already know this. Many people who are denied by DDS (Disability Determination Services) go on to receive approvals at the hearing level in front of ALJs (Administrative Law Judges). Some people have to go beyond the hearing level to the Appeals Council and even District Court to get the benefits that they deserve.

The disability process is broken into five stages: initial, reconsideration, request for hearing, appeals council and district court. During the first two levels, initial and reconsideration, your case is sent to DDS for them to make a determination. DDS denies most claims so prepare yourself! The hearing level is where you have your highest chance of being approved but it takes about a year to have your hearing scheduled after your request it. The hearing is the only time during the disability process that you will meet the person who is making a decision on your claim.

If you are denied at the hearing level, you will have to request a review of the ALJ’s decision by the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council is the slowest part of the process. It can take 1.5 years for them to make a decision on your appeal. If your request for review is denied by the Appeals Council, you will have to request review in Federal District Court. In addition to filing in federal court, you can also start a new claim.

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