This post discusses if you need a lawyer to get SSDI in North Carolina. In NC, when you initially apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) your case is sent to DDS for evaluation. DDS stands for Disability Determination Services. DDS is located in Raleigh, NC. At DDS your case will be reviewed by an examiner who may have a large number of other cases to review. At the initial level, you have a 70% chance of being denied. If you are denied at the initial level you will have to appeal to the reconsideration level. At the reconsideration level you have an even greater chance of being denied.

Having a Social Security Disability Lawyer on your side to help with your case ensures that someone other than the DDS examiner looks at your case. At The Bishop Law Firm, we have dealt extensively with DDS. We will communicate directly with your examiner to see what is needed to make your case go as smoothly as possible. While no one can guarantee an approval from DDS (especially with a 70-80% denial record), regular communication with your examiner seems to prompt them to look at your case thoroughly.

We are paid only if you win your case AND you receive back pay. We are paid out of your back pay. The fee is 25% up to a maximum of $7,200. For example, you would have to be awarded $28,800 in back pay for us to receive $7,200. In addition, to the attorney fee you will be asked to reimburse us for medical records. We attempt to keep these costs as low as possible but if you have extensive medical records it will cost more to attain them.

Filing for SSDI is complicated and it can help to have an experienced North Carolina Social Security Disability Lawyer in your corner. For information on how to start the process look here. Do you need a lawyer to get SSDI in North Carolina? If so, give the Bishop Law Firm a call for a free case evaluation.