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Do you need a Fayetteville, NC Car Accident Lawyer ? If so, The Bishop Law Firm can help with your case! Read on for more information.

If you have been injured in a Fayetteville, Car Accident, you are not alone. According to the NC Department of Motor Vehicles, in 2016, there were 8,260 collisions, resulting in 21 fatalities and 2,691 injuries in Fayetteville, NC. That averages to almost 23 auto accidents in the city limits of Fayetteville, NC a day in 2016 alone. In Cumberland County as a whole during 2016, there were 267,494 reportable collisions, resulting in 1,441 fatal injuries and 130,137 non-fatal injuries. That averages to almost 357 non-fatal injuries a day in Cumberland County in 2016 that were the result of a motor vehicle collision.

Accident victims are eligible to receive reimbursement for their medical bills, missed time from work and pain & suffering damages. Anyone that is injured in the car accident can have a accident claim, including passengers and children, but to receive compensation the crash must not have been your fault. Punitive damages are rarely awarded.  In order for you to recover from NC Personal Injury Litigation, you must file your case in court before the statute of limitations runs out.

Did you get a ticket as a result of your collision?

The first question that needs to be answered regarding your Fayetteville, NC car accident was whether the accident was your fault? If you received a citation (ticket) for the accident that means that the accident was determined to be your fault. In North Carolina, if you receive a ticket you are not allowed to file suit against the other party due to contributory negligence.

If you need a copy of your automobile accident report you can try the Fayetteville Police Department or the Cumberland County Sheriff’s office. Unfortunately, the accident report may not be helpful if no one received a citation. An auto accident attorney can help decipher the accident report to determine if the crash was caused by the other driver’s negligence.

*If you were injured in a car accident while you were working, you may have a NC workers’ compensation case as well as a personal injury claim. Our firm also handles Workers’ compensation cases in Fayetteville.

The Car Accident Scene

After a collision, the scene can often be chaotic and confusing. In a perfect world, you would have been able to give a statement, gathered the contact information of any witnesses to the collision, exchanged insurance information with the at-fault driver(s) and taken photos of your vehicle at the scene of the collision. If you were unable to do any of the above, either because of your injuries or the circumstances of the collision, do not worry! This information can be collected through the process of investigating your personal injury claim. There is also a helpful handout about car accident protocol by the North Carolina Advocates for Justice ( NCAJ ) found here .

What medical treatment is needed?

After a car collision, the severity of your injuries dictates the medical treatment you should seek. The right thing to do is to receive treatment for your injuries as soon as possible after the collision, and to get the treatment that is necessary for you to recover from the injuries you suffered at the hands of the at-fault driver. 

If you went to the emergency room after the wreck, you likely informed the medical professionals about the facts of the accident and the parts and areas of your body that were in pain. If necessary, the medical professionals likely performed physical exams and diagnostic tests, such as x-rays, CT scans, and/or MRIs, to properly diagnose your injuries. If possible, document the progress of your injuries with photographs from the date of the collision until fully recovered. If you did not take photos from the outset of your Cumberland County car wreck, now is the time to start!

Our Firm has written several posts on personal injury after a car crash. Even if your car accident injury is not listed below, we still can help!

What about the hours I have missed at my job?

During your recovery, if you had to miss time at work or use your paid leave time, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages. You should notify your supervisor of your wreck, injuries, and treatment schedule to be sure your employer is aware of your circumstances. Make sure to document when, why, and the number of hours or paid leave you had to miss or use during your recovery. Also read Lost Wages and Earning Capacity in NC Car Accident Cases

Do you need a Fayetteville, NC Car Accident Lawyer?

It depends. If you were not at-fault and injured as a result of the collision and are having difficulty with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, you may need a Fayetteville, NC car accident lawyer . If you want advice on negotiating with the insurance company to be sure that you are obtaining all compensation you are entitled to under North Carolina law, you should call a Fayetteville NC Car Accident Lawyer.

The Bishop Law Firm handles motorcycle crash, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and car accident cases in the Fayetteville area on a contingency fee basis (we do not get paid unless you win). Call us today at (919) 615-3095 for a free case evaluation!

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