Your medical records will be reviewed by several parties during the SSA Disability Process. The Disability Determination Services (DDS) examiner, DDS doctors, possibly the consultative examiner (CE) and the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will all review your records. It does not help your case to ask your doctor on every visit: “am I disabled?” or “will this help me get on disability?” or “I am here because I am trying to get on disability.” Your doctor will put that in his/her notes and they will also put in their notes that they think you come there just so you can get on disability.

The time you spend with your doctor is precious and you are paying for it. Use this time to address your health issues, treatment options and get your doctor’s advice on the best way to proceed. If you follow your doctor’s advice but your health still fails to improve, this demonstrates that you are trying all you can do to get better. This supports your creditability as an applicant for Social Security Disability. Your medical records will be reviewed several times during your SSA disability case, make sure that you make your time with your doctor count.