Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Wake Forest, NC?

Do I need a lawyer to get SSDI in North Carolina?
By Kimberly BishopJune 15, 2022

If you live in Wake Forest, NC, The Bishop Law Firm can handle your Social Security Disability case. In this article I will discuss the steps you need to take to get your claim started and how our firm can help you.

Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security offers two main types of disability benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSDI is based on the credits from the work that you have done in your life while SSI is a need-based program. The current monthly amount for SSI (2023) is $914 for an individual and $1,371 for a couple. If you are approved for SSDI, you will be eligible for Medicare after a waiting period. In NC, SSI benefits entitles a recipient to Medicaid.

The Disability Process

After you initially apply for benefits with your local SSA office, your case will be sent to Disability Determination Services (DDS). This is called the initial level. If you are denied by DDS at the initial level, you have 60 days to appeal to the reconsideration level. If you are denied twice by DDS, and you appeal, your case will be sent to SSA's Raleigh hearing office (or OHO for short).

An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will be assigned to your case, and you will have a hearing. If you lose at hearing, you will have to appeal to the Appeals Council and then to District Court. Read Social Security Disability for more information on the process.

Many clients must go to a hearing to have their case approved and some even have to go District Court to attain the benefits they deserve. Each case is different. Having an attorney will not guarantee victory but it can surely prevent your case from gathering dust on an examiner's desk and at the hearing in front of the ALJ.

Steps to get your claim started

Step One: Call the Bishop Law Firm at (919) 615-3095 or start your free case review now and we will send you some information to get you started.

Step Two: File a claim at your local Social Security Office. The local office is at 3315 Poole Road, Raleigh, NC. Their phone number is 800-772-1213. You may want to call ahead. You may also be able to file your claim online here. When you file this claim you will need the following information.

Step Three: If you go anywhere new for treatment, take any new medication, or have any new diagnosis, you need to call us and let us know so we can forward that information on to the Social Security Administration.

Step Four: After you apply for benefits, your case will be sent to DDS (Disability Determination Services) in Raleigh, NC. An examiner will be assigned to your case. The examiner may send you forms to fill out and may also send forms to 3rd parties for them to give their opinion about your daily activities. It is extremely important that you complete these forms as soon as possible and return them to the DDS examiner. In addition, DDS may send you to a consultative examination.

Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Wake Forest, NC?

The Bishop Law Firm handles Social Security Disability cases at any level for clients that live in Wake Forest and surrounding areas. We have practiced Social Security Disability for over 13 years and appeared before many Administrative Law Judges. We enjoy helping clients receive the benefits that they deserve and look forward to working with you.

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