Being injured due to someone else’s negligence can be difficult to recover from financially, physically and emotionally. If you need a Raleigh personal Injury lawyer, read on for how The Bishop Law Firm can help you with your case. We also offer free case evaluations, (919) 615-3095.

A driver quickly checks a text message while driving his/her car.  An aggressive dog pulls away from its owner and runs free. A hospital employee forgets to sterilize equipment for surgery. A restaurant worker doesn’t put down a wet floor sign after mopping. You may be thinking to yourself that these are all simple mistakes but, unfortunately, each one of these simple mistakes has the ability to dramatically alter the life of those who happen by. The ultimate question is whether the party who made the mistake was negligent.

Negligence is a “failure to exercise the degree of care expected of a person of ordinary prudence in like circumstances in protecting others from a foreseeable and unreasonable risk of harm in a particular situation.” NC is also a contributory negligence state which means that (in general) the injured party must not be guilty of contributing to their injury.

Personal Injury cases are basically you as the injured party asking the negligent party or their insurance company to pay for your losses and pain & suffering. This process can prove to be more difficult than it sounds and it can help to have a Raleigh personal Injury lawyer on your side. Some insurance companies deny liability for their insured all together even after their insured has received a ticket, citation, admitted liability or has been cited for the wrongful conduct in the past.

The at-fault party or their insurance company will want to pay you nothing or as little as possible. If you take what the insurance company offers without making sure that it covers all your losses (including medical expenses, lost wages and pain & suffering) you may find yourself stuck with bills that are not covered by the settlement amount. Also, if your injuries need future medical care that needs to be accounted for in the settlement. Once a case settles, future recovery is barred.

A Raleigh personal Injury lawyer can help you gather all the evidence needed to back your demand as well as advise whether taking your case in front of a jury will produce a higher award or simply leave you with higher expenses. The Bishop Law Firm represents injury clients in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free case evaluation, (919) 615-3095.