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Have you been injured at work and need a Smithfield Workers Compensation Lawyer? If so, The Bishop Law Firm can help. We represent workers compensation clients in Smithfield (Johnston County) and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free case evaluation at (919) 615-3095 or start now.

Some Facts about Smithfield, NC

According to the Smithfield-Selma Chamber of Commerce, the largest employers are Johnston County Schools, Grifols Therapeutics Inc and Johnston Health UNC Health Care. The largest industries in Smithfield are Education & Health Services and Manufacturing.

Healthcare is, unfortunately, one of the most dangerous industries for workers in the United States and while manufacturing has improved in terms of safety, it still can be a very dangerous environment to work in.

No matter where you work in Smithfield, being hurt on the job can cost you pain, time and money.

Types of Workers Compensation Injuries

Injury by accident and occupational disease are covered by NC Workers Compensation. Injury by accident, just as it sounds, results from an accident at work. Unfortunately, back and knee injuries occur frequently from work accidents. In addition, some NC industries like constructionmanufacturing and health care are simply more dangerous jobs.

Occupational diseases can be caused by exposure to chemicals, lead poisoning, exposure to asbestos, and can even include physical injuries that come from repetitive work, like carpal tunnel syndrome. In some very narrow situations, certain mental illnesses can also be considered an occupational disease. Read Occupational Diseases and NC Workers’ Compensation.

Unfortunately, employers and insurance adjusters frequently try to deny that your injury was caused at work. A doctor’s opinion should be sought to determine the exact cause of your injury. A Workers Compensation Lawyer can help to attain this opinion in the language necessary to prove that your injury was caused at work.

What does NC Workers Compensation pay for?

In North Carolina, state law provides medical compensation and wage loss benefits for non-fatal injuries and death benefits for fatal injuries. Medical compensation includes medical treatment and mileage reimbursement for treatment of your on the job injury.

Lost Wage benefits provide monetary compensation due to your inability to earn wages because of your on the job injury. This benefit provides compensation based on the physical impairment of the injured body part as well.

There are four types of disability based compensation in which an injured worker may be entitled to receive based on North Carolina Law:  TTD, TPD, PPD and PTD.

Steps to Take after Your Work Injury


  1. Immediately notify your employer about your injury verbally and seek medical treatment. Most employers instruct clients to report to an urgent care facility. You should follow all medical advice. Keep your employer informed about your progress. If you are missing work, document when you missed and how much you would have earned.
  3. Call us for a free case evaluation at (919) 615-3095. We can help you file a claim and communicate with the insurance adjuster.
  4. Send a written letter or email to your employer about your injury within thirty (30) days after the accident
  5. File a claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission (N.C.IC.) by filing an I. C. Form 18 online.
  6. Your NC Workers Compensation claim will either be:
    1. Accepted OR
    2. Denied

Do you need Smithfield Workers Compensation Lawyers?

A Smithfield, NC Worker's Compensation Lawyer can help you attain necessary medical treatment and recover more of your accident-related expenses as well as file forms with the N.C.I.C. and communicate with the adjuster.

If you feel that you are not receiving all the medical treatment that you need to recover or if the workers compensation insurance company has denied your claim giving a lawyer a call may be the only way to recover.

The Bishop Law Firm represents workers compensation clients in Smithfield, NC and we do not get paid unless you win. Give us a call today for a free case evaluation, (919)615-3095!

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