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Wake County Work Injuries

With all the hospitals and medical facilities in Wake County, it is no surprise that healthcare is one of Wake County's main industries. Unfortunately, healthcare work can be dangerous. Construction, manufacturing, and transportation jobs can be dangerous jobs as well. No matter what industry you work in, being hurt at work can leave you wondering how your medical bills and living expenses are going to get paid.

North Carolina Workers Compensation Law

Employees in North Carolina who have been injured during a workplace accident are eligible for Workers Compensation. Undocumented workers are also eligible for benefits. However, independent contractors are not eligible for workers compensation benefits.

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Unlike personal injury claims, the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) governs injured workers comp claims in NC. In addition, NC Workers Compensation does not pay for pain & suffering.

In order to start a case with the NCIC, an injured worker will file a NCIC Form 18, Notice of Accident to Employer. The employer must file a NCIC Form 19 and then respond by accepting or denying the claim.

What does workers comp pay for?

In North Carolina, a Workers Compensation claim can pay for medical bills and wage loss benefits for non-fatal injuries and death benefits for fatal injuries. Medical compensation includes medical treatment and mileage reimbursement for treatment of your on the job injury.

Lost Wage benefits provide monetary compensation due to your inability to earn wages because of your on the job injury. This benefit provides compensation based on the physical impairment of the injured body part as well.

The benefits that you will receive depends on if your employer's workers compensation insurance "accepts" or "denies" your work injury claim.

Accepted NC Workers Compensation Cases

In accepted Workers Compensation cases, the employer's workers compensation insurance had agreed that you have a compensable work injury. They can agree to pay for your lost wages and medical treatment (NCIC Form 60) or just your medical treatment (NCIC Form 63).

You must be out of work for seven days before your lost wage benefits begin. In accepted cases, the employer's workers compensation insurance controls all your medical treatment.

Accepted cases can still have issues. Since the workers compensation insurance is controlling your medical treatment, they may not want to pay for medical treatment that may help you recover sooner due to the expense. Also, you are at the mercy of medical professionals that you did not choose which may be problematic if you need specialized care.

Despite a case being accepted, if problems arise that can not be resolved, filing for a hearing with the NCIC (NCIC Form 33) is the best way to move forward.

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Denied NC Workers Compensation Cases

In denied Workers Compensation cases, the workers compensation insurance company is denying that you have a payable work injury (NCIC Form 61). In denied claims, the injured worker will receive nothing unless they pursue a hearing in front of the Industrial Commission (NCIC Form 33).

The injured worker will have to pursue their own medical treatment and figure out how they are going to live with no income. In denied claims, the injured worker controls their medical treatment but they must win their case in front of the NCIC to be compensated.

Do you need Wake County Workers Compensation Lawyers?

The decision to hire a Wake County work injury lawyer lawyer depends on the circumstances of the case and the injured worker's ability to handle all the moving parts of their claim. For some injured workers, just keeping up with doctor appointments can prove challenging.

In accepted cases, if the workers compensation insurance is paying for your lost wages and all your medical treatment, you may not need a Workers Compensation Lawyer. All too frequently, the insurance will refuse to pay for needed treatment or stop paying wage loss.

If you need medical treatment that the workers compensation insurance company will not pay for or if your weekly checks have been stopped even though you are still out of work, consult a Workers Compensation Lawyer as soon as possible.

In denied claims, if you do not file for a hearing, you will receive nothing. An attorney that can help you with the process may be your only way to attain compensation for your work injury.

How much are Wake County Workers Compensation Lawyer fees?

The Bishop Law Firm is a contingent fee law firm that charges a 25% attorney fee. This means that if you do not win, you do not have to pay us. If you do win, our firm will receive 25% of your settlement.

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