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Some Rocky Mount, NC Work Facts

The largest industries in Rocky Mount are Manufacturing and Healthcare & Social Assistance. Agriculture (especially tobacco) and textiles also contribute to the economy via .

Agriculture, Healthcare & Social Assistance and Manufacturing are in the top five most dangerous industries in the United States. In fact, statistics show that hospitals are one of the most hazardous places to work.

No matter where you work in Rocky Mount, being hurt at work can cost you pain, time, money and frustration.

NC Workers Compensation Benefits

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Under NC Workers' Compensation Law, if you are an injured employee (independent contractors and volunteers are not employees) you can receive wage loss and medical benefits for non-fatal injuries and death benefits for fatal injuries.

Medical compensation includes medical treatment and mileage reimbursement for treatment of your on the job injury. Lost Wage benefits provide monetary compensation due to your inability to earn wages because of your on the job injury. This benefit provides compensation based on the physical impairment of the injured body part as well.

There are four types of disability based compensation in which an injured worker may be entitled to receive based on North Carolina Law. The disability compensation benefits available are: temporary total disability compensation (TTD); temporary partial disability compensation (TPD); permanent partial disability compensation (PPD) and permanent total disability compensation (PTD).

For a deceased worker, death benefits may be awarded to the family members of workers who died as the result of an on-the-job injury. They are 2/3 the average weekly wage of the deceased worker, not to exceed $992 per week for 500 weeks. Burial expenses are covered as a death benefit up to $10,000.

It should be noted that if you are injured by a 3rd party while working (for example, in a car accident), you can have a NC Personal Injury claim as well as a NC Workers' Compensation claim. While NC Workers' compensation is generally no-fault, a NC Personal Injury claim can be barred by contributory negligence.

If you foresee that you will be out of work for a year or more you should also discuss filing a claim for Social Security Disability with a disability lawyer.

The Bishop Law Firm handles Workers' Comp, Personal Injury and Social Security Disability cases for our Rocky Mount clients.

Steps to Take after Your Workplace Injury

After your work injury you need to:

  1. Immediately notify your employer about your injury verbally and in writing (within 30 days)
  2. Seek Medical Treatment - Most employers will direct an injured worker to a place to receive medical treatment after their injury. You should go where you employer tells you to go.
  3. Follow ALL Medical Advice and keep your employer informed about your injury. 
  4. If you are missing work, document when you missed and how much you would have earned
  6. Contact us for a free case evaluation at (919) 615-3095! We can help with the below steps.
  7. Send a written letter or email to your employer about your injury within thirty (30) days after the accident
  8. File a claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission (N.C.I.C.) by filing an I. C. Form 18 online.
  9. Your NC Workers' Compensation claim will either be:
    1. Accepted – the insurance company has agreed that you have a injury claim. In accepted cases, the employer (their workers' compensation insurance company) controls where the injured worker obtains medical treatment. A doctor who works for the insurance may have a different view on the appropriate medical treatment for your impairments compared to a treating physician. It is often necessary to obtain a 2nd medical opinion.
    2. Denied – the insurance company is denying that you have been hurt at work or that you have a claim for workers' compensation. In denied claims, a injured NC Worker can seek treatment from any source but if you do not win your workers' compensation case, you will not be reimbursed.

Do you need a Rocky Mount Workers Compensation Lawyer?

A Workers Compensation Lawyer can help you attain necessary medical treatment and recover more of your accident-related expenses as well as file forms with the N.C.I.C. and communicate with the adjuster.

If you feel that you are not receiving all the medical treatment that you need to recover, you need a 2nd opinion as soon as possible. An attorney who knows NC Workers Compensation Law can help you attain the opinion you need.

If the workers compensation insurance has denied your claim giving a Workers' Compensation attorney a call may be the only way to recover. If you do not pursue your Workers' Comp claim, you will receive no compensation. Legal advice is a necessity. 

Our Law Firm represents workers' compensation clients in Rocky Mount NC and we do not get paid unless you win. Give us a call today for a free case evaluation, (919) 615-3095 or start online now.

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