If you are having mental health symptoms after an accident, read on for information about PTSD after NC Car Accident Injuries and seek mental health treatment as soon as possible. We represent car accident victims in North Carolina and do not get paid unless you win. Call us for a free case evaluation!

PTSD After NC Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are unexpected and unwelcome intruders in our daily lives. Even accidents that do not seem major can result in some form of psychological distress. Regret, shock, anger, and fear are all possible reactions to an accident. After a traumatic experience, most people have acute stress disorder (ASD) which usually goes away in a few weeks. But for some, the trauma of being injured in an accident leaves them with recurrent symptoms that last much longer.

When you think of post traumatic stress disorder, you may think of veterans who have been involved in combat but any traumatic event can cause PTSD,  even a car accident. According to the V.A., studies of the general population have found that approximately 9% of motor vehicle accident survivors develop post traumatic stress disorder. If a fellow passenger was harmed in the accident, this increases the risk of developing PTSD  (via NIH).

Symptoms of PTSD include nightmares, flashbacks, feeling afraid when danger is not present, avoiding anything that reminds one of the trauma, inability to sleep, or having anger outbursts (per NIMH). Not surprisingly, PTSD symptoms seem related to chronic pain from the traumatic event (via NCBI).

If you are experiencing the above symptoms after an accident, talk to your doctor as soon as possible to determine if further treatment is needed (be sure to let your doctor know if your symptoms have lasted longer than a month). Treatment for PTSD after NC Car Accident Injuries usually involve therapy (behavioral or cognitive), medications, and pain management.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company owes you coverage of your accident related medical bills, including mental health treatment. Hiring a NC Personal Injury Attorney that handles car accidents can help ensure that the insurance company covers your medical expenses.

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