This post focuses on manufacturing injures and NC workers’ compensation. The manufacturing industry is the third largest employment area in North Carolina and an important part of our state’s economy. In 2018, state wide there were 475,000 jobs or 10.8% of all jobs in the state were in the manufacturing sector. NC manufacturing ranks 5th in the nation and we lead the Southeast.

Manufacturing workers make lots of different products, from chemicals, to machined parts, to plastics, the cars we drive, and the computers we use. Given that wide impact these workers are also exposed to a wide range of hazards on the job, including puncture wounds, crush injuries, exposure to harmful chemicals, back injuries, violence, stress and more.

Exposure to chemicals that are toxic, or corrosive, can cause debilitating diseases. A growing concern in NC is the rise of manufactured stone and the exposure to silica when cut.

In addition, manufacturing workers frequently use heavy machinery to complete their daily duties. These machines can be dangerous, to say the least. If a machine malfunctions, it can cause serious harm to a worker. In addition, human error is always a factor.

Even under the safest conditions, manufacturing workers on assembly lines often do the same thing day-in and day-out and that repetitive motion puts them at risk for occupational diseases like musculoskeletal disorders or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Manufacturing Injuries and NC Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured at work, you may be eligible for benefits through NC Workers’ Compensation. NC Worker’s Compensation can pay weekly benefits to keep you and your family afloat while you recover. In addition, NC Worker’s Compensation is no fault. Which means, it does not matter (with a few exceptions, like intoxication) who is at fault for your injury.

Please note that no matter what your employer tells you, you are entitled to file a claim for NC Worker’s Compensation benefits. Often employers will volunteer to pay for medical treatment or even compensate you when you are out of work when you are initially injured. Unfortunately, many workers find that these promises go unfulfilled. Protecting yourself and your family after being injured at work is paramount! You should speak with a NC Workers’ Compensation Lawyer about your rights.

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