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Jack Keener, Attorney at Law , handles Personal Injury cases for The Bishop Law Firm. He enjoys protecting the rights of injured NC clients and understands how difficult the NC Personal Injury claim process can be for those injured through no fault of their own.

Do you need a Car Accident Lawyer in Raleigh, NC?

Was your Raleigh NC car accident your fault? If you received a citation (ticket) for the accident, it is likely that law enforcement determined you to be at some level of fault for the collision. In North Carolina, if you have been determined to be at fault in any way for the accident, you cannot be compensated.

If you are looking for your Raleigh automobile accident report, you can try the Raleigh Police Department’s website, the Wake County Sheriff’s office or the NC State Highway Patrol.

Rear-end collisions, multi-car accidents and fatal crashes can be complicated to say the least. It can be difficult to determine who is actually at fault in some motor vehicle accident cases. The insurance adjuster may deny that their insured is at fault. A Raleigh Personal Injury Attorney can help to determine if you have a injury claim and give you legal advice about recovering your loses from the car wreck.

Do you have a NC car accident injury case?*

Do you have injuries that were caused by the auto accident? If you do not have injuries, then you do not have a Personal Injury case. If you do have injuries, you need to get medical treatment as soon as possible, continue to receive medical treatment and document all the medical bills you are incurring. Do not delay getting medical treatment for your car accident injuries! The longer you wait to receive medical treatment the more difficult it will be to prove that your injury came from the crash.

In NC, if you have been injured in a car accident through no fault of your own you can recover the costs of your medical expenses, missed time from work and be compensated for your pain and suffering. Punitive damages are awarded in few cases.  In order for you to recover from NC Personal Injury Litigation, you must file your case in court before the statute of limitations runs out.

Our Firm has written several posts on personal injury after a car crash. Even, if your car accident injury is not listed below, we still can help!

*If you were injured in a car accident while working you may also have a NC Workers’ compensation case. Workers’ compensation would not apply if you are on your way to work or your way home.*

Have you missed time at work because of your car crash injuries?

If so, save all of your pay-stubs and ask your employer to provide you with a copy of your time-sheets to preserve evidence of your lost wages . In order to seek recovery for a lost wage claim, an injured accident victim has to have documentation of the actual days he or she has missed from work due their injuries. Lost wage documentation must be verified by the injured accident victim’s employer. The employer should provide payroll records stating how many days the accident victim missed from work and the injured accident victim’s rate of pay.

The next step is to file a claim with the at fault party’s insurance company. They send you a big check covering everything, and you are done…….if only!

Why hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Raleigh, NC?

Dealing with the insurance company is not simple, straightforward, or quick. It is common knowledge that the insurance company wants to pay as little as possible, preferably nothing, and will employ various tactics to delay, frustrate, and minimize your claim. The choice to hire a personal injury attorney to help with your claim can set the tone for how the insurance company treats you. Without the proper inspiration from an attorney, your claim may gather dust on an adjuster’s desk or get lost in the shuffle.

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters can use a injured person’s financial hardship against them and force them to take little to nothing for their case. Even worse, some insurance adjusters will hold onto claims until the statute of limitations runs out, leaving the injured with no way to recover for their losses.

Simply put, a Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer that handles car accident injury cases can make sure your claim goes as smoothly as possible and help you decide if you should take the insurance companies’ offer or pursue litigation. Our accident lawyer in Raleigh handles all types of motor vehicle accidents (car, truck, tractor trailer, motorcycle, pedestrian…).

The Bishop Law Firm can help if you need a Accident Attorney in Raleigh, NC. Our focus is to protect and maximize our clients’ legal rights to personal injury compensation, and we don’t get paid unless you win. Can the at-fault driver’s insurance company say the same?

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